Spring Migration is hotting up for a huge launch at Falls Creek. Gaz of Spring Migration was on air on Joy Radio today for a two hour stint with midday host Michael letting everyone in Melbourne that the festival is just around the corner and what everyone can expect. Jane from the Man Hotel in Falls Creek was also interviewed via the phone along with Zed Bar Albury owne Brian .. everyone is excited. The festival now encompasses a huge area of the North East Victoria. With involvement from CAN (Country Awarness Network) and the Way Out Youth Project. To see all the up to date details just visit the website at www.springmigration.com.au


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Just a short note.. our “Special Guest” and MC for the La Luna Full Moon Dance Party is Vanessa Wagner from Sydney.

Click here for the details on the La Luna Full Moon Party 5th September, 2009 (La Trobe @ Beechworth, Victoria.

Vanessa Wagner Special Guest Spring Migration 2009

Vanessa Wagner Special Guest Spring Migration 2009

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